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Website | Add-on Modules | Features

All these features can be added to your website as needed.

  • Tell a Colleague [or Friend]
    a simple form driven email to colleague from your website accessed by the user
        - email in users name to his or her colleague 
        - auto email to your administrators
        - back-end database entry
        - online reporting downloadable to Excel
  • Photo Galleries - Show your finished products, thumbnail and full image 
  • Latest News module - highlighting your companies latest news, automatically date driven      
  • Your current events - automatically date driven      
  • Public relations module - press releases with media links     
  • Automatic polling - ask your audience polling questions and display answers automatically
  • Accreditation and certificates [educational accreditations- i.e.; CME- deliver secure certification via the web following a self grading test]
  • Evaluations & surveys
  • FAQ management - format for the management of Frequently Asked Questions
        -  FAQ request form - users ask a question - approved and posted by administrator
  • Document library | interchange  - secure access document library [download and upload for clients ie:law firms, etc]
  • Links exchange
  • RSS - targeted news feeds  


  • Registration and secure Login Module -upgrade your website [or a portion of your website] to a registration based, secure site enabling contact management and reporting. 

    Secure registration
        - registration form with up to 25 demographics fields
        - optional 5 question survey following registration form
          [reports linked to user demographics and trend  reports]
        - personalized auto email confirmation to registrants
        - auto notification to your administrator[s]
        - reports updated in real time with sort and download functionality
        - already registered functionality to prevent duplication in the database [verification by email address].
    Secure login
        - secure login with username and password
        - forgot password form using unique registration email
        - personalized email with password sent to the registered user
        - auto email to your administrator[s]
        - update info
    Multi level access
        - registered user welcome page, after login, with personalized touch points
        - multi- level system to regulate what content a specific registered user can see


  • Ecommerce Module - Secure website

    Shopping Cart
        - integrated shopping cart
        - SSL security for all orders
        - add individual products or entire categories to a page
        - mailing list signup from checkout
        - return shopper account login available
        - custom product data fields
        - support for gift certificates and coupons
    Product Catalog
        - complete catalog manager
        - multi-level product categories
        - product import/export
        - bulk image upload
        - thumbnail & detail images
        - upload & thumbnail generator
        - customizable product layouts
        - advanced product options (e.g., color, size, etc.) including option based pricing
        - support for downloadable products
        - sale prices & discount display
        - product flags - new arival, free shipping, special offer, clearance, etc.
    Order Processing & Payments
        - integration with leading payment gateways
        - Versign Payflow Pro
        - PayPal supported
        - HTTPS/SSL security
        - security certificate seal display
        - password protected
    Advanced Features
        - gift certificates
        - coupons
    Customer Database
        - view customer accounts
        - order history
        - customer search
     Integrated Shipping
        - customizable shipping methods
        - availailibility of integrated UPS & USPS calculators
        - setup additional handling charges
        - shipping tables for weight, amount & qty.

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