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Business IT

When should you use User CAL's vs Device CAL's ?
It makes sense when the total number of devices used by employees is significantly greater than the users.  (150 devices vs 50 employees)


What file types can I upload?
Update On the Net supports image formats such as GIF, JPEG.

How do I manage multiple images?

Update On the Net enables you to create as many main and subcategories as you wish. You can move images between categories and can also be given the ability to delete.


How can I download documents?

Document areas can be made on request.


Do you support multiple access levels?

Yes. Advanced users, Managers, Administrators (this can be labled whatever you need) can be granted special access levels on the system allowing them to upload/download, delete, move and create new pages throughout your site.  Of course there is the first level as well, unregistered users.


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