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The Birchwood Group NJ Website Design and Development, the best of the web
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Website Design, fabrication, hosting

Website Design and Development - a gateway to your business.  Birchwood (in northern New Jersey just outside NYC) partners with you to create a targeted, positive web presence at a realistic price.  We work with you on web design, creation, management and hosting.  Including SEO and ecommerce solutions.

Our websites are managed via our web based CMS (content management system) interface Update On-the-Net. Login from anywhere and do content updates, get time!

Your website is a presence that changes as your business grows! 

Website Design Website Design - The Birchwood Group

Birchwood Group for all your website needs   Birchwood Group for all your e marketing needs   Birchwood Group for all your office IT needs


Managed Services is the Managed Maintenance of your office computers’ operating system and software after it has been set up.  
Maintenance means keeping the operating system and software working properly. That includes updates, patches, and fixes.

What this means to you:
We will monitor and maintain your server to make certain it is running at optimum efficiency, evaluate error events to detect any issues and
so that you can avoid downtime.

If there is a problem that needs fixing we bring it to your attention so that it can be addressed in a timely fashion.  If an emergency problem occurs,
[i.e.  HD failure] we are aware of it immediately and can institute the service action as needed.

Service offering                                       Platinum      Gold        Silver
Proactive maintenance of servers 

Disaster planning & preparation


Helpdesk assistance


Network administration



Desk top maintenance 


Premium response time



Technical liaison for future planning



It does not cover installation of new software --- But once the new [approved] software is in and working properly, then it's covered.  It does not cover hardware breaking --- But it does cover the time it takes to get the operating system and software and running after the hardware is repaired or replaced.

Birchwood's On-the-Net services        

 Our newest service GoMailing’s Easy Send enables you to collect information from your web site visitors, customers or prospects, market to them intelligently and measure your results quickly.

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Drawing on our knowledge in the meetings and event businesses we created Meetings On-the-NetTM and Update On-the-NetTM …combining integrated web based communications tools and private communications websites, for online events and programs.

Our Meetings On-the-NetTM suite of communications services can be utilized and tracked through your private communications website within the Update On-the-NetTM content managment back end .  These services allow you to enable specialized modules to access our Present On-the-NetTM LIVE meeting web conference services, our Broadcast On-the-NetTM ARCHIVE streaming programs, and our Forum On-the-NetTM interactive MESSAGE BOARD communities.

The Birchwood Group has the expertise and philosophy to make your Internet communications effective…. add to it our comprehensive multi phase process coupled with superior service and you can achieve the greater potential you deserve!                                

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Gomailings Sign up  Try us now for FREE! - Just sign up now - Go Mailings - it's easy

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What has limited your company's use of web conferences?

Important FACTS

 Trees play a major role in keeping our environment healthy.
To put things in perspective, over a 50-year lifetime, one tree will generate $31,250 worth of oxygen, recycle $37,500 worth of water, and control $31,250 worth of soil erosion.

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