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Critical for YOUR Business

In today's increasingly competitive business environment, it's critical for organizations to select technology that helps:

  • streamline business processes,
  • boost productivity
  • and maintain data security.

Fortunately, you don’t need to be a tech guru to make sound technology decisions or have a full-time IT staff to realize the benefits of technology.

Dedicated Server Solutions with live management and monitoring.

Managed Server Solutions
For your Internet and communication needs.

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Why Network Your Computers

Networking computers offers a number of advantages for small business owners and their employees.

The greatest benefit of networking is that it easily allows data to be shared among users. However, there are numerous other virtues as well.Through The Birchwood Group Managed Services program employee access can be monitored and controlled; various data, including e-mail, can be centrally managed and backed up; and centralized antivirus management can be instituted.

Additionally, software designed to automate and manage business processes for specific industries and professions almost always require a server and a network to operate.  And, as the business grows, the setup required for adding new workstations can be standardized, thus reducing the time it takes to get new employees up and running. Technology is one of the largest single investments small business owners make. 

Making the right decisions and understanding how to maximize and manage your investment can keep your business on the road to great success.

Why get a Server

What can your business do with a server?

With a server, you can share files and resources, such as fax machines and printers, in a more secure manner. For example, with a server network, employees can access the Internet or company e-mail at the same time.

What’s unique is that a Server provides small businesses with many features previously available only to large companies, all in one affordable, integrated solution. These server features include e-mail, Internet connections, business intranets (internal Web sites), remote connectivity, support for Windows Mobile-based devices, file and print sharing, and data backup and restore capabilities.

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