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Update on the Net

Forum On-the-Net


For long term communications, we offer Forum On-the-Net, a simple and comprehensive interactive message community. Used as either a stand alone tool or as the follow-up to a program, this is a low tech information dissemination solution.

All types of information can be posted for review with a central area for topic discussion and Q&A. Word, Excel, PowerPoint programs, photo images Etc can be uploaded to a designated area by authorized participants. 

Comments can be available to an entire team - or multiple levels of access can also be assigned, to allow the viewing of information by only the designated team members. All of the information exchange is done in text form allowing you to save and document all communications involving a topic ... trackable and accessible through online reporting.

Update On-the Net
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Access to a full-featured threaded message board service, Forum On-the-Net, that allows discussions to be facilitated on a long term basis .  It is ready to be dropped into your Update On-the Net web communications portal simply and efficiently. A full featured private message board service.

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    - quick replies
    - interactive  polls
    - new topics Etc.
    - private messages

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    - Word documents
    - PowerPoint presentations
    - Excel spreadsheets
    - Photos
    - URLs / Links

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