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Update on the Net

Update On the Net | website system

With the implementation of our backend management system for web site creation and management,  The Birchwood Group is now able to offer a big business website system to the small business market.  (We also offer Workplace Services)

Compatible systems can cost $25,000 to $100,000 for big corporations and they pay it, but with Update On the NetTM  we are able to offer your business the same update-ability and ease of use as the big corporations get, but at a cost effective package price!

This content managed web system is geared toward business, no one page wonders, and once set up, works for you and your company with features found in much more expensive programs. 

We incorporate big business features for your website, at small business prices.  Modules like:

  • contact us,
  • tell a friend,
  • content management,
  • navigation management,
  • press releases,
  • and reporting
  • as well as hosting, email, security, software and management to name a few

These modules on there own can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars each to be programmed into a site and could take months depending on how busy the programer was.  If you can find a programmer.  Your $6 dollar website is not going to do that! 

With other websites you need a program like Frontpage or Dreamweaver to change your pages, and if you want to have more than one person make changes you need to buy that program again. 

With your Update On the NetTM site all you need is Internet Explorer (or another compatible browser) to work on your web presence.  Remember IE is FREE from Microsoft and already on just about every computer. 

You can have your assistant update information on your site from home or from the airport.  Specials, PR, or new projects can be added without calling a web person, waiting for them to get back to you, sending them the information, waiting for them to update your site and then paying them for the hassle. Your site is always current, fresh.

Keeping your site fresh keeps your customers coming back and keeps the search engines coming back as well, and that means more sales.

The best part is you decide how you want to work on your site, do it yourself, have others in your organization do it , do part of it yourself, or have us do it, no matter which way we have a solution for you

Here's how it works:

  • Once you pick a design, our modules are ready to go, and will be incorporated into your website!
  • We provide the Hosting, and its managed by a live person, with updates, patches an security. (See Hosting)
  • Your email is set up for you, we take care of it. Whatever you need just let us know, like:, and /or
  • Once you give us your initial content we will input it into the design you chose and set up the basics of the site.

So if you;

Need a professional website presence and want to have your people update the content - No problem!

Want an ecommerce site incorporated into a backend, with reports, customer lists and surveys. - No Problem!

Don't want to bother inputting anything... don't worry we can do it all for you if you want.

We have set up a number of packages for you to get started, and since the system is modular you can add additional items at any time.  We're here to help

Small Business IT Services
Installation and Management of server solutions for 5 destops and more
Pricing for packages Need to Log in

  • Small Business Server 2003
  • Windows XP, 2000 pro
  • Office 2003 
  • SQL
  • Legal, Medical

Managed Workplace Solutions
For 5 - 150 desktops. We provide you with detailed SLA reports and tools that optimize youir internal operations - all geared to maximize system availability and performance while minimizing the cost of service delivery.

(websites, ecommerce)
Dedicated Server Solutions with live management and monitoring.

Managed Server Solutions
For your Internet and communication needs.

Update On the NetTM
Business Packages
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Merchant and Gateway Provider

Internet Protocol (IP) payment gateway services that enable merchants to authorize, settle and manage credit card or electronic check transactions anytime, anywhere.
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Digital Certificate Provider

GeoTrust's Web Security Services offer hosting providers and businesses with world-class digital certificates for fast transaction security and patent-pending ‘smart seals’ to ensure a trusted identity on the Web.

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