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Software Features

Software Features

Data Only or Full System Backups:

Choose from full system or data only backups. Full system backups ensure that all system and data files are backed up on a timely basis and provide full system recovery in the event of computer failure, theft, or disaster recovery. The data only service will automatically select all of your important data files for you, but does not backup your program files. The data only service can be easily customized by the user to include additional files, file types or directories.


Backups can happen automatically on a schedule, can be initiated by users, or can be configured to occur in the background whenever a traveling computer is connected to the Internet (Hands-Free-Backup TM). Flexible scheduling options mean that the backups get done and your data is stored offsite and away from your computer on a regular basis.

File Versions:

The most recent 10 versions of each file backed up during the last 90 days and always the most recent version are stored for easy retrieval. This allows you to quickly restore a prior version of a file if you make a mistake or accidentally save a file template without changing the name.


Backups are quick and efficient, utilizing Send-Once, Delta Block and compression technologies. Typical backup daily backup times (after the initial backup) are under 10 minutes.

The Heal feature can "roll back" an entire PC configuration to a selected date in the past, to restore operation in case of software configuration errors, some types of viruses, or other problems that can't be easily repaired (available with full system backup service only).

The ability to recover lost data anywhere, at any time through either the software interface, or if you choose through the web based I-Roam which allows file retrieval through a web browser interface.


Online Backup

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