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Responce Point

Responce Point is a revolutionary end-to-end phone system software designed specifically to offer small businesses a powerful, simple and affordable alternative to traditional phone systems. 

This innovative phone systems supports both traditional phone service or voice over Internet protocol (VoIP).  The breakthrough voice-activated user interface lets your employees and customers access the people and information they need using only their voice. 

Delivered on industry-leading intuitive hardware, it simplifies the user experience: Transferring a call, for instance, is now as easy as pushing one button on the phone and saying, “Transfer my call to JIm.” 

Users can easily set up new phones or make changes in minutes, with just a few mouse clicks.  This system requires no special technical expertise, putting much more control and convenience in your hands.  As your business grows, add up to 50 users and incur no additional licensing fees.  With the entire system in one affordable package, the Responce Point phone system is a complete solution and a great choice for any small business.

Traditional Phone Systems

  • Feature overload
  • Pay phone vendor for every move, every change
  • Restrictive licensingHigh Acquisition
  • "Enterprise Grade" Telephony Solutions
  • Must purchase separate software and hardware
  • Pay per phone, per extension
  • Varied and costly local and long distances charges
  • Set up different parts and appliances


Responce Point

  • Simple and intuitive due to state-of-the-art features
  • Pick up and move at no cost
  • One-time licensing fee with no extra charges
  • Cost Affordable
  • Designed specifically for Small Businesses
  • No additional software required
  • One, flat licensing fee up to 50 phones
  • One predictable and affordable monthly bill
  • All-in-One-Box Package

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For more information, call us at (201)935-6047.

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