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Birchwood Group uses Windows Server 2003
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Valuable Features


  • Especially designed for small businesses with one to 50 users
  • Forward calls from your office extension to your cell or home phone
  • No more dialing *500# to transfer a call; One-touch Response Point button dials, forwards, parks, or transfers calls for you
  • Ring all phones in a particular department at one time for quick access to multiple people
  • Connects multiple locations using just one system
  • Effortlessly reach all of your Microsoft Outlook contacts by simply saying their names; access Outlook contacts even when your PC is turned off!
  • Voice-enabled Automated receptionist handles common requests and increased call volume smoothly and professionally; automatically directs callers to the appropriate departments or extensions
  • Forward voicemails to your email for easy access or archiving; manage call logs easily through email
  • Phones are as easy to move as plugging into a new location; no reconfiguration required!
  • System supports itself with no additional software required
  • Nicely integrates with server you already own
  • One, flat affordable fee; no charges on a per telephone basis
  • Incoming caller ID pop-up display on computer screen gives details about caller
  • Direct dial-in feature allows callers such as your spouse to reach you directly
  • 24/7 monitoring, maintenance, reporting, and upgrades
  • Forward voicemails to your email for easy access and archiving
  • State-of-the-art advanced voice recognition technology requires no voice training
  • Enabled for either VoIP system or traditional phone lines
  • Auto attendant allows callers to reach the employee they are looking for - even after hours!
  • No need to enter speed dials as system easily integrates contacts using Microsoft Outlook
  • Park/retrieve calls to handle them from the best location
  • Add, change, or remove users or phones without having to pay extra licensing fees
  • Just plug in phone and it's ready to go; no complex setup or having to pay vendors
  • Move people from desk to desk or switch office locations easily with minimal interruption in customer service.
  • One flat affordable fee for up to 50 extensions; no extra licensing fees per phone or extension basis
  • Easily move phones from office to office
Birchwood Group Website design