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Website | SEO Discussion | Google AdWords

A strong web presence is essential in today’s marketplace and Search Engine Optimization SEO is the way to imprive your ranking. 

Google AdWords

Today I would like to address the use of Google AdWords. What are they you say?  Google has a comprehensive plan that allows you to earmark specific words or phrases and obtain them for use on the web through a bidding process.  The more generic the term the more people are interested and the higher the rates become based on demand. 

These paid ads are seen on the side of the search results page or along the top of the page in the shaded area.   When people search on Google using one of your keywords, your ad may appear next to the search results. Now you're advertising to an audience that's already interested in you.

They are a great idea, but keep in mind they can become very expensive very quickly. I have seen some business’s spend $2000 to $3000 per month on a word campaign.  Here are some preliminary figures:
Average CPC [Cost per Click]: $1.20 (at a maximum CPC of $2.45)
Estimated clicks per day: 22 - 28 (at a daily budget of $40.00 that adds up to between $792 per month to $1,940!)

Titles and Key Words for free SEO Improvement

In the beginning, it may be a smarter idea to build into the use of AdWords .

AdWords work better when there are more pages that that coincide with the words and terms that are associated with your market. The title needs to relate to the content of each page, individually. Key words need to be in bold and have relevance to your business. [As an example for law: attorney, litigation, real estate, legal, divorce, criminal, condominium etc.] 

When pages are rich with content, properly titled with key words, they will be found free of charge by Google, thus improving your businesses rank within web search criteria.

For example: The page is titled “Condominium Law Regulations” If you reference Condominium Law multiple times in the first page of your website it will move you up in the condominium law search criteria in Google.  AdWords can then be used to augment the process or as a special promotion.

So you need pertinent CONTENT. 
CONTENT! CONTENT! CONTENT!  Google loves it!

Tell them what you do, what products or services you support.  Why you are great at doing it.  Comment on who says so, and how it helps people. Have other article s and commentary written focusing on the topics you want to highlight.  Quote articles that are written about you and/or topics relating to your business.

Create good marketing copy with lots of key word verbiage.  And photos of new products, programs,
services, people, and newsworthy events!

Blogs as a Vehicle

In short, MAKE MORE PAGES. Then reuse this content in the form of Blogs! 
BLOGS! BLOGS!  BLOGS! Google loves blogs too!

By setting up multiple blogs and pointing their content towards your main site, you will again
raise individual page rank in a specific topic and increase the value of the website overall. 
It’s a good way to start and will be significantly less than the price of buying AdWords. 

Moving Forward

That is not to discourage the use of AdWords, THEY WORK!  But a budget needs to be put into place and strictly monitored. Ramping up and using them for specific promotional pushes or to augment key dates.

In addition utilizing more specific terms like a “type of contract” or “area of expertise” can give you a higher rank in the search with less of an investment and drive key clients demographics to your website.

Once the site is recognized by Google as content rich, a complete plan can be implemented making use of AdWords, Google ads, print ads, and radio ads all from Google.

Ten SEO Tips

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