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Jerini Cares - David Chidley

I am happy to recommend the Birchwood Group to you.

I was previously with a start-up biotech pharmaceutical company (Jerini Labs - which has since been acquired by Shire Pharmaceuticals). The Birchwood Group helped us set up the Jerini Website and integrated that with our patient call center as well.

While we had what appeared to be a “single point of contact”, whether by phone, web or email, it was in fact two different vendors - Birchwood and the 800 service provider. Patients could access us either way. In turn, the same data could be captured electronically or via 800 #. These data had to then be transferred between the two organizations. This required seamless communication between these two organizations and Jerini, which Birchwood facilitated. Once it went “live” we never had a glitch.

I found Nancy and Jay to be extremely fast. In fact we were probably the rate-limiting factor in the process. I can remember on more than one occasion Birchwood had completed their next step in the process long before the agreed upon delivery date, and they were waiting for us to complete our portion. We never once had to delay a meeting or a step in the development process because of them.

Of course, they are creative and knowledgeable about website design, what will drive people to your site and how keep them there. They will provide to you exactly what you want. However, they are not afraid to suggest alternatives if they believe there is a better way.

If you select the Birchwood Group I can only imagine that they would exceed your expectations.

David R. Chidley

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