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SRQ Reviews - Littman-Quinn



The Birchwood Group and SRQ Reviews ( ) entered into a web site design and services contract approximately 1 year ago. I would like to share my positive thoughts and experiences with you on the project and implementation.

Our project was at a conceptual stage when The Birchwood Group’s involvement commenced. It was a “rough idea” requiring further development. We had a general idea for the site, shared it with Jay and Nancy, and were truly impressed with their comments and suggestions. The Birchwood Group provided guidance and direction in the creative design, information flow, site navigation, and user experience. Their guidance in the early stages of our site’s development went well beyond our expectation. Not only did they assimilate our concept for the site and its flow, using their experience they challenged some of our assumptions which resulted in a far superior end product. They personified value added!

The entire experience with The Birchwood Group was an iterative, collaborative process where we never felt “out of sync” or behind schedule. In fact, their process management for our project was task oriented with clearly defined dates for goals and deliverables. There were no “unpleasant surprises!” The entire project came in on time and on budget.

Without hesitation we would highly recommend The Birchwood Group for their professional and extremely competent approach to our web development needs. Anyone who engages their services, will not only be completely satisfied, they will be delighted. When is the last time you heard a comment like that for a web design firm?

Jack Littman-Quinn
SRQ Reviews

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