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Talaverica Testimonial


Wanting to incorporate online retail into our import business, we approached Jay and Nancy at the Birchwood Group, with plans for website development

With an understanding of the competitiveness of the market we were entering, we set our aims and standards very high.  Our vision was a website that was user-friendly, easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing.  It needed to present an accurate image of our brand and at the same time educate our customer about who and what we are.  Not an easy task! 

To say the Birchwood Group met those goals would be an understatement.  The team worked tirelessly to meet our requests-going above and beyond expectations on numerous occasions.  Both contributed different skills and expertise to the project, that combined, enabled us to meet our goals.  Nancy’s artistic skills and attention to detail helped design a gorgeous showcase for our products, while Jay’s software programming and knowledge of website construction gave us the framework.  Together they created a spectacular online ‘store’ for Talaverica that we are proud to have represent us.  In fact, our site is so detailed, polished and well-planned, that several customers have commented that they assumed we were part of a corporation, or an entity with very deep pockets…we are actually an independent startup! 

We would wholeheartedly recommend Jay and Nancy at the Birchwood Group for any business seeking to incorporate the internet within their business model.  With a myriad of artistic and technological skills-they make quite a team.  They provided us with a personal touch that is sorely lacking in today’s world of customer service, and we are very glad to have found them.

Sharon Gonzalez, Tom Travers  ...
Talaverica - Treasures from Colonial Mexico

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Last Updated 07/12/2024

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