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When planning and implementing events and programs it is imperative that your partners listen and respond to your needs with an exceptional level of professionalism, expertise and service.

The Birchwood Group is this type of organization.  We believe business objectives mean more with personal values…that diverse perspectives, debate, laughter and respect lead to great insights and greater heights.

Internet Event and Program Interface

Our private communications portal, is a simple, cost effective way to create one stop comprehensive web communications …  targeting your marketing initiatives, product introductions, sales incentives, program roll-outs, and partner communications.

At The Birchwood Group, we have the expertise and philosophy to make your Internet communications effective…. add to it our comprehensive multi phase process and you can achieve the greater potential you deserve.

A Historical look back at some of our conventional corporate meetings.

Dun & Bradstreet Together

The D&B Corporation

Merck Retirement Event

Merck & Co. Inc

CBS 360 Surround

CBS 360 surround environment

Dun & Bradstreet

The D&B Corporation

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