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Event Message | iMap | Defining Goals

Strategy for Online Events
Defining your message, program objectives and implementation process

At the onset of the project, we conduct a strategy meeting to crystallize your objectives and ensure that all the people involved know what to expect.  It is imperative that an overview of objectives be established defining key issues such as overall target audience, message and participation expectations.

One way we virtually ensure success, is to create an email or other conventional survey to explore interest and define channels during the development of the communications strategy. Prior to full implementation, we want to make certain the program is targeted properly and that your message gets out to the proper channels.

Following your objectives and taking into account our market research, we draft a multi-phase strategy iMAP-Internet Marketing Action Plan that outlines a complete program.

The following outlines some of the key elements that are defined and explored as we formulate your plan.

  • Establish measurable goals
  • Draft overall message/ title
    [this should have a single focus! remember content drives audience interest and retention]
  • Select presenters of this message and define their roles
    [dynamic presenters/experts are a key factor in audience participation]
  • Fabricate the agenda/program flow and individual area topics
    [need to reflect the overall objective and all have the same message]
  • Explore a realistic target audience and utilization of appropriate recruitment vehicles
  • Co-ordinate details date, time, etc.
  • Develop marketing program
    [outline marketing venues to enhance message and program recruitment]
  • Define ROI and the method for measuring it.
    [this is directly linked to your measurable goals.]

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