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Update on the Net

Broadcast On-the-Net

Recording your live program and placing it on your communications web portal, for viewing later, is another means of extending your communications.  This allows additional reach when all of your prospective audience is unable to attend the live event. 

Certain topics lend themselves to long term accessibility as archived only programs.

These can also be created specifically for web broadcast with a 24/7 on-demand interface utilizing our Broadcast On-the-Net service.

Depending upon the requirements we will recommend a streaming audio and/or video program with synchronized visuals, chapter viewing, transcribed copy Etc.

In this manner people can view the program at their convenience and it can be available for a number of years as needed. They would simply register at your Update On-the-Net web communications portal to obtain access to the secure archive library and view the materials.

In addition, surveys, posttests, and other vehicles can be made available on-line as part of the programs. These ensure compliance or offer accreditation with printable certificates for completing programs. [CE, CME, Etc.] 

All is professionally managed to ensure a successful outcome with comprehensive tracking for follow-up and ROI closure.

Update On-the-Net
website | library archive program module

A fully functional library archive application, Broadcast On-the-Net is ready to be included within your web communications portal.  We can post you programs simply and easily with links to our dedicated streaming servers.

archive library schedule pages
Complete listing of programs offered with:
    - speaker profile
    - program synopsis
    - running time
    - requirements

Media Player program
a multifunctional player window:
    - audio and/or Video playback
    - synchronized PPT visuals
    - review individual visuals with audio/video links

compliance vehicles
    - self grading Post-tests, instant certification
    - evaluations
    - surveys
    - online immediate certificate administration
    - auto email notification delivery.

participant tracking
    - through registration database we can record
    - the programs viewed
    - other elements accessed such as Post Tests and surveys
    - deliver them in reports and via email.

trend analysis reports
Reporting of registration demographics, survey results, evaluations, post tests, other information.  These can be formatted to address your reporting trend needs such as professional demographics or response to pertinent questions. [IE: 96% of those surveyed said they would attend an Internet conference again.]

pay per view
Digital Rights management of content can be instituted along with eCommerce payment structure upon request.

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