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It Managed Services | Remote Monitoring

Managed Workplace Solution Tools
Once your network is set up (or if you have set it up yourself), we will monitor, fix, patch and upgrade your network remotely. Our solution provides you detailed SLA reports and uses tools that optimize your internal operations - all geared to maximize availability and performance while minimizing the cost of service delivery.

Onsite Manager (installed at your site)
Simple, lightweight single component installation on a server, stand-alone workstation or appliance
IT management application that assists in network maintenance of your system.
Continuous monitoring of all devices and applications on the network for existing or potential problems
Provides analytical measurements, filtering, and prioritizing of events and exceptions
Helps to repair problems and escalate issues to Service Center as required

Remote Management
When a problem has been detected and the causes of the fault determined with the help of our reporting and analysis tools incorporated in our Service Center, we will connect immediately to the network through a VPN connection in order to correct the problem.

Trouble Ticket System
Our Managed Workplace solution includes an integrated trouble ticket system. Trouble tickets are created automatically based on severity of alerts and these tickets alert technicians to issues identified by you or IT service provider staff outside the operation of our Workplace Solution.

The Birchwood Group can trigger appropriate escalation of the issue as required. Escalation methods include dashboard alert and detailed e-mail messages to predetermined addresses.

The trouble ticket system is used as a central repository of problems and is accessible by IT central staff, field technicians, or customers depending on the configuration settings. Critical information on specific problems is recorded here for review, post-incident problem analysis, and post-incident problem management and trending. The reports can be prioritized and dispatched to the appropriate technician for problem resolution.

Dedicated Server Solutions with live management and monitoring.

Managed Server Solutions
For your Internet and communication needs.

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