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Testimonials | Clients

Jack Finn & Company Builders

I would recommend The Birchwood Group without hesitation

We were new to the process, but TBG listened to us, took the  various components of our business and organized them in an attractive and creative layout that is easy to navigate.  The end result completely meets our expectations.  The additional photographs of our projects provided by Birchwood (Jay Benkovich) are also spectacular.

We had expert guidance at every step and a beautiful end result.  At Jack Finn and Company we could not have asked for a more professional presentation of our company.

Wendy Finn

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Laddey Clark & Ryan

May 2011 - Incorporating: Website Design and Development, copy editing, graphic design, IA, UX - SEO dev
Photo Shoots

The Birchwood Group really modernized and refreshed our website.  It is really cool, and I love being able to add to it on my own without having to depend on someone else to make additions.  They are very knowledgeable about the interaction between a website and social media like Facebook and You Tube, and have been very helpful in getting us up and running using these marketing techniques.  

I highly recommend The Birchwood Group. (Jay Benkovich)

Robbin D.

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Jerini Cares - Jerini Pharmaceuticals US
I wanted to thank you for the excellent service you provided as we launched JeriniCares. The website you created and managed for us met all our objectives as well as providing information to doctors and patients. The weekly reports were helpful in our gauging the interest in and usage of the JeriniCares program, and the email and postcard campaigns certainly went a long way in establishing JerniCares too.

In addition to your flawless execution, we appreciated your strategic insights in helping us determine the best way to proceed. Be assured that as further web site, email and fax blast opportunities arise; we will be calling on you to take advantage of your expertise and talent.


Frank Schiavelli
Director, Sales and Marketing
Jerini US

SRQ Reviews
Incorporating: Web creation and Development, graphic design, IA, Database design, Custom Restaurant review creation, CMS system.


The Birchwood Group and SRQ Reviews entered into a web site design and services contract approximately 1 year ago. I would like to share my positive thoughts and experiences with you on the project and implementation.
highly recommend The Birchwood more!

Without hesitation we would highly recommend The Birchwood Group for their professional and extremely competent approach to our web development needs.

Anyone who engages their services, will not only be completely satisfied, they will be delighted. When is the last time you heard a comment like that for a web design firm?

Jack Littman-Quinn
SRQ Reviews

Wag N' Wash

I would highly recommend the team of Nancy and Jay (Birchwood (Jay Benkovich)) to either create or redesign a website for any small to large business.  My website was created back in 1999 and the look was old.  The software I had been using was equally archaic and I wasn't updating my site very often.  The Birchwood Group redesigned by site to my specifications using the elements that are my business.  It is a mirror image of my store and it has "me" written all over it.  

My social media sites are now all connected.  I can't be happier and my customers love seeing their dogs in full blown color.  If you are looking for two down to earth people who understand a dogs, Jay and Nancy are them.  

Thank you for bringing Wag 'N Wash into the 21st Century.

Janie S

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AAdyn Technology, LLC
March, 2011 - Corporate branding and Design, Print design and management, Art direction
Jay, Nancy,

I would like to thank you both very much for the excellent logo, business card and brochure design work that you completed for AAdyn Technology in a very short amount of time.

I have worked with creative artists in the film and television effects business for a long time and it is rare to find top talent with the patience to listen closely, support the clients’ needs and add the proper creative touches for the best results.

We, at AAdyn, are very pleased with the work done by The Birchwood Group and will certainly be utilizing all of their services in the future.

Walter Lefler, President
AAdyn Technology, LLC

Commercial Healthcare Partners
March 2011 - Incorporating: Website Design and Development, copy editing, graphic design, IA, UX

My experience with the Birchwood Group has been totally positive.

I selected Birchwood after much consideration and, from the beginning, they understood how to translate the strategic focus of my company into an effective website. They are quick on the uptake and prompt in their follow through. Communication is a high priority for Birchwood and they keep in touch until the project is finished.

I plan to use Birchwood to further execute my marketing strategy. Whether it is business cards, logo design, or a full custom-built website, I highly recommend the Birchwood Group

Jim Usry
Commercial Healthcare Partners

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Hi Jay and Nancy:

I just wanted to take  a moment to let you know that our work has been well received at the Rochester School City School District and thank you for your exceptional support. We’re getting rave reviews from the client.

Jay, I am in awe of your capacity to swiftly and deftly unlock technical obstacles and drive to resolution. Your unique brand of skills and viewpoint elevated this project to an otherwise untenable level.

Nancy, I am impressed with your unique ability to distill a complex problem to it's simplest denominator, effectively communicate the solution verbally and graphically, and deliver on time. Initially, I had some concerns about retaining Birchwood for a project that was outside your experiential history, but you have the rare and unusual ability  to engage across any industry without an inherent knowledge base in that area and apply your considerable talents to support that work effectively.

Your work product, process and ethic is exceptional. Thank you, sincerely, for your hard work.

Best decision and investment I've made in a long time!


Xenia Cox, Managing Principal
Archademia, Educational Facilities Planning

Jerini Cares - Chidley
I am happy to recommend the Birchwood Group to you.

I was previously with a start-up biotech pharmaceutical company (Jerini Labs - which has since been acquired by Shire Pharmaceuticals). The Birchwood Group helped us set up the Jerini Website and integrated that with our patient call center as well. 
 ...

If you select the Birchwood Group I can only imagine that they would exceed your expectations.

David Chidley

Becton Dickinson
We appreciate your dedication and the extra effort you gave to our meeting!

Patty B.
Becton Dickinson

Severino Construction
5*S*T*A*R*S Great Service!
Our company was in desperate need of a website, we were not sure exactly what we wanted though. We contacted the Birchwood Group and started going over ideas of what we wanted for our website.
Within a very short time the Birchwood Group took our ideas and did a fantastic job of putting a website together that was just what we wanted. They have worked with us on different ideas to promote our website and have always been there to help with any questions or concerns.
I would highly recommend the Birchwood Group, we thought this would be a real headache to put together but they have gone above and beyond to help with everything we have needed.
 See this review on Google as well.
J Severino Construction


Incorporating: Website creation and Development, copy editing, graphic design, IA, UX
Photo research, Product photography - Over 200 originals in various layouts and locations. Jewelry, glassware, ceramics, sinks, bowls.  Shopping cart layout and fabrication, Visual Branding.


Wanting to incorporate online retail into our import business, we approached Jay and Nancy at the Birchwood Group, with plans for website development...

Birchwood Web Development ... Read the rest!

We would wholeheartedly recommend Jay and Nancy at the Birchwood Group for any business seeking to incorporate the internet within their business model.  With a myriad of artistic and technological skills-they make quite a team.  They provided us with a personal touch that is sorely lacking in today’s world of customer service, and we are very glad to have found them.

Sharon Gonzalez, Tom Travers
Talaverica…Treasures from Colonial Mexico

Hertz Corporation
A+ for the creative, writing, design, and execution of the 'Wheels in Motion' brochure.

Allan Littlehale
The Hertz Corporation

Becton Dickinson CP

Clateo Castellini
President, Chief Executive Officer

View Master Inspection Service
As years pass I am sure that I should own the rights to the phrase "Murphy's Law".

It has been almost three years with no worries about Mr. Murphy.

I call the Birchwood Group and I am back in business. Regardless of the odd hours and numerous times I call them, I am never made to feel like I am imposing. The issues that have been rectified have never recurred. Unfortunately with computers and websites there is an endless amount of unique problems, Jay and Nancy will get an endless amount of phone calls.

Professionalism, courtesy, and ability is a tough package to find.

Vincent Gorgone
Viewmaster Inspections

SRQ Reviews - Beth Littman-Quinn
Before we started our business, I only used a computer for emailing. With Birchwood's patience, understanding, and support, I am now able to keep our website fresh and updated with current information.

Jay is always available to answer questions and walk me through the steps. He has taught me WHY you have to do something a certain way. That in turn, has given me the confidence to try new things.

Consistently, the feedback we have received regarding our website, is that the information is timely, it looks professional, and it is easy to navigate. I attribute those comments to the work of the Birchwood Group.

 See this review on Google as well.

SRQ Reviews

Lincoln Ave Auto Stores

Thank you so much for all of your help today. The Birchwood Group has helped our business grow tremendousley. Your patience and professionalism is greatly appreciated. Your kind attitude along with the fantastic work and knowledge is remarkable.  All of us at Lincoln Ave Auto can not Thank you enough for the perfect service we have received from you.

Best Regards,
Marjan Borzilleri
Lincoln Ave Auto Body & Repair

Minolta Corporation
I enjoyed viewing the pictures as they brought back memories of one of our BEST sales meetings EVER!

Bob Lathrop
VP Sales

Jefferson Food Co-Op
On Behalf of the Jefferson Co-Op, I want to thank you for the wonderful service for our group's case sharing forum.

Jefferson Food Co-Op

Minolta Corporation

Your history with Minolta and your trade show experience proved invaluable!

Dan Keogh
Director Marketing

Bernadette - Write- Field
"I hired Jay and Nancy in 2007 to help me launch my baseball blog network Out Of Write Field. Jay did excellent work at a very reasonable price and continues to help me maintain the site. I would recommend Jay and his company The Birchwood Group to anyone interested in starting a professional-looking website."

Bernadette Pasley
Backdoor Slider Productions

Minolta Corporation
....a new and innovative stage show to generate traffic and deliver Minolta's message.  The Birchwood Group was greatly responsible for helping us achieve these goals.

Ann Marie Marootian
Marketing Comm.

Becton Dickinson CP
THANKS for helping us produce 'The Best Meeting Ever' for the third year in a row!

Jim Deaver
VP Sales

Merck & Co. Inc
It was a pleasure working with your team!

Rick Lane
President USHH

Sharp Electronics
Your professionalism and ability to adjust were exceptional!

Ron Pedrick
GM Retail & Financial

Thanks for a great job!  I have to admit it was more difficult this time because of the number of presenters we had but as usual you guys pulled it off for us.

Sr. Director, Marketing Communications

Jefferson Food Co-Op Two

2009 to present - Incorporating: Website creation and Development, copy editing, graphic design, UX


Ordering System Exceeded Expectations

The Birchwood Group has done a top-notch job of managing the web site and developing web applications for our food buying club. We gave them our ideas and got back an ordering system that exceeded our expectations. Lots of web developers say they listen to their clients, but Birchwood is the rare company that actually does. Rather than sell us a lot of capability we didn't need, they took the time and trouble to design a product that integrated into our existing database and work flow. Thanks to Birchwood, ordering food on line is easier than ever for our members. Plus, our site looks great!

Jeff F.

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