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Below are outlined our interactive modules that include live web conferencing, archived media programs, web forums, and web blogs.  

A complete add on module to allow you to set-up and facilitate LIVE Internet conference events including planning, invitations, staging, follow up and reporting within your web communications portal. 

Live web conference - Webinar

Event schedule
    - You can institute a complete schedule of live events for a program or seminar series.  

Auto email management
    - At all personalized touch points auto email responses are sent to the participants, administrators, and
      other appropriate agencies such as an accrediting association for CME. These are personalized per 
      participant and can be customized with special instructions or messages.

Speakers bureau
    - The speakers’ bureau of available talent - directly linked to the conference scheduling set-up form 

Set-up computer, live meeting assistance, join event links area, surveys, tests etc

Multi-format reporting
    - event roster reports
    - event attendee reports
    - trend analysis reports

> more info | Present On-the-Net

A fully functional library archive application, Broadcast On-the-NetTM is ready to be included within your Web Communications Portal.  We can post you programs simply and easily with links to our dedicated streaming servers.

Web library archive

Program listings and schedule pages

Media Player program

Compliance & tracking features:
online post tests, evaluations, surveys, participant tracking, trend analysis reports, pay per view

> more info | Broadcast On-the-NetTM

Web forum module 

Access to a full-featured threaded message board service, Forum On-the-NetTM, that allows discussions to be facilitated on an on going basis.  It is ready to be dropped into your web communications portal simply and efficiently.

                                       participate in our web forum: > registration | login

> more info | Forum On-the-NetTM  

Blog Creation and Integration

We can create and customize your blog and integrate it seamlessly into your website.  Or other cases create an interactive website integrating multiple blogs and other info.

> Reporting Features > SEO > Pricing

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