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Update on the Net

web services

Drawing on our knowledge in the meetings and event businesses we have created UNIFIED web services... 
Meetings On-the-NetTM and Update On-the-NetTM

... combining integrated web based communications tools and private communications websites, for online events and programs.

 Example of Event Management, Logistics and Reporting Web Application

Meetings On-the-NetTM
internet communications services

Our Meetings On-the-NetTM suite of communications services can be utilized and tracked through your website using our Update On-the-NetTM website management services. 
Live events, archived programs and message forums ...These services are available when you enable specialized modules to access our Present On-the-Net LIVE meeting web conference services, our Broadcast On-the-Net ARCHIVE streaming programs, and our Forum On-the-Net interactive MESSAGE BOARD communities.

Go Mailings

web-based email marketing solution

GoMailings is a web-based email marketing solution that is an add on module housed within the Update On-the-Net back end of your web communications portal.  Designed and priced for small and medium sized businesses, GoMailings is a user friendly tool to aid you in managing your email campaigns. 

Choose from our HTML email templates for newsletters, announcements, promotions, event invitations, cards and more. Simply add your unique message and GoMailings does the rest.

Update On the Net

Many web objects can be enabled using our Content Management System.

What is Update On the Net?
  • Update On the Net ( is a business development tool that gives you a professional presence on the Internet, that works!
  • Update On the Net will give access to a professional and efficient Web Content Management System.
  • Update On the Net is actually one very large, powerful tried and tested website and you only pay for what you need.  This means a much lower cost compared to that of having an individually developed professionally comparable website.
  • Update On the Net offers the option to scale the cost and the functionality, up or down very quickly, so reducing the risks involved in having a professional website.
  • Update On the Net allows you to do changes and updates very easily and very quickly, and at no additional cost.
  • Update On the Net is a system that is very quick to set up and can be ready to start taking content and pictures within weeks.
  • Update On the Net has its own dynamic database built into its' backbone and so it is able to collect and export information, take orders, personalise literature, use e-commerce and automate marketing.  All on-line and all for the purpose of generating business.
  • Update On the Net helps you integrate the Internet and business development in a way that just has not been affordable before.
  • Update On the Net ( can be used as the upgrade platform for an existing on line presence, so protecting any investment already made. 
  • Update On the Net creates a significant competitive edge and is quick to generate results.
  • Update On the Net is the next step towards the future of business.

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